What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic health coaching is all about integrating permanent habits into your life. (No one-size-fits-all approaches here.) It considers the psychological just as important as the physical.

As opposed to traditional health coaches that focus on the nuts and bolts of nutrition and exercise, holistic health coaching is designed to develop wellness in all areas of your life through a big picture approach.

(These factors also play a big role in adopting new habits and achieving your fitness goals!)

Your energy levels
Your cognitive performance
Your emotional landscape
Quality and quantity of sleep
How stressed you are on a daily basis
Work/life balance
Your mindset and beliefs

For many of us, we think of health as “looking good.” “Losing weight.” Eating “right” and going to the gym. But really — health is so much more.

All habits are rooted firmly within the mind.

The reason habits are so tricky to rewire? They’re built over time and are attached to memories, beliefs, and emotions that cement them within us. Often, they get buried deep within our subconscious.

We take comfort in those habits because they often make us feel good. (At least in the short-term.)

Just because your brain’s logical center (your prefrontal cortex) has decided on a new goal doesn’t mean your emotional center (your limbic system) is on board!

In order to create new, healthy habits that last, it’s essential to address the roots of resistance embedded within your mind.

As you know firsthand, it’s not enough to just know the right strategies for weight loss and meal planning. You must embody them from the inside out, so your subconscious mind works with you, not against you.

When you create this mind-body alignment, integrating permanent habits to create a 360 healthy lifestyle becomes easy. Rather than fighting and pushing yourself every step of the way, these choices are inspired from within because they’re part of your identity.

With this approach making healthy choices feels easy, because they’re part of who you are and how you think about yourself.

That’s the beauty of holistic health coaching. Its integrative approach addresses every aspect of your life from the ground up, so you leave feeling your absolute best. (And looking it too!)

Work with Me, Jackie

If there’s one thing my years of training and firsthand experience have taught me, it’s that all the research and programs and tools in the world will not work unless they meet you where you are.

As a holistic health coach, my approach helps you create changes from the inside out that are long-lasting, fulfilling, and feel effortless. If a new habit or health goal doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or align with who you see yourself as, it’s near impossible to be successful.

My program is designed to help even the busiest people make daily changes that are so small, you barely even realize you’re doing them! And before you know it, you’re seeing the results in both your body and how you feel.

In the Mind-Body Shift Program, you’ll gain the skills and tools to build effective and permanent health habits you can flexibly fit into even the most hectic of schedules.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of transformation psychology, how to build zero-resistance habits, to identify foods that make you feel amazing, how to build physical strength and endurance with only 20 minutes a day, and so much more!

Are you ready to make feeling energized, healthy, and happy your new norm? 

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